The Wilton Student Financial Aid Committee provides financial assistance to Wilton residents (graduates of Wilton High School or Wilton residents graduating from another High School) who will be attending an accredited post-secondary educational institution on a full-time basis. Any such qualified candidate may apply for aid from the committee, but aid is awarded solely on the basis of financial need.

The Committee is comprised of members of the Wilton community, including parents of high school students, other Wilton residents, and high school guidance counselors; and an outside college financial aid adviser.

The amount of need is determined in the strictest confidence by the outside college financial aid adviser upon considering the appropriate financial aid terms, the WSFAC application and any extenuating circumstances.

The Committee attempts to close the gap between the total year’s cost at the student’s school of choice and all available resources (parents, personal earnings and savings, and other loan/aid packages). Aid is given in the form of interest-deferred low-interest loans. Graduating seniors who qualify also receive a one-time grant.

Wilton Student Financial Aid Committee is a not for profit, IRS approved 501(c)3. Our EIN is 23-7089754.

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